MedicOne Medical Response is an independent emergency medical transport program, uniquely designed to provide unequaled response and high quality patient care.
Event Medical Services

Sporting Events
Imagine that an athlete at one of your sporting events is injured on the field and he or she must lie there in pain, waiting, as the audience looks on wondering “why don’t they do something?” It’s a situation which can easily arise if you must rely on local 911 EMS (Emergency Medical Services) to reach your location. If the local EMS is already attending another call, the wait can be a long one. It is for this reason that many insurance companies will not cover your sporting event unless you have continual ambulance standby. MedicOne Medical Response can provide that continual ambulance or medical crew standby, stabilizing the ill or injured patient and, if necessary calling in additional EMS to transport.
MedicOne Medical Response’s “Event Medical Services” are tailored to the needs of your event ranging from a single certified person providing basic first aid, up to multiple MICU level ambulances. We have the capability to provide coverage of venues ranging in sizes of 10 to 1,000,000 people. We have provided contractual standby services for major events, including, The American Airlines Center, Dallas Mavericks basketball games, Dallas Stars hockey games, Dallas Desperados, University of North Texas, Dallas Whiterock Marathon, Devils Bowl Speedway, Grand Prairie Air Hogs, and the Nokia Theatre.  Clients who are involved in high risk activities or who appreciate the need for special emergency protection can rely on the standby services offered by MedicOne Medical Response. MedicOne never leaves you waiting.
  Concerts and Social Events
Companies which hold large events for their employees and customers know the peace of mind that comes from having uniformed paramedics and EMTs in attendance. They know that should an illness or injury take place, experienced, qualified medical personnel are on site, ready to handle the situation in a professional and timely manner. Our presence sends a positive message to everyone involved: we care enough about the people at this event to have taken precautions to protect their health and well-being. MedicOne Medical Response has been providing standby medical services to events for over 10 years. We can provide that extra level of protection to your event, too.

To request information about Event Medical Services, please contact Brad Leach at 972-554-9300.