MedicOne Medical Response is an independent emergency medical transport program, uniquely designed to provide unequaled response and high quality patient care.
Why Choose MedicOne Medical Response

Just as not all healthcare facilities are created equal, the same is true for ambulance providers. Some offer that very basic of services with little emphasis on clinical excellence, quality or customer service while others go a bit farther. We at MedicOne have always gone the extra mile to offer the very best of service and care possible. Recently we began to ask ourselves, "How can we be better at what we do"? The answer was a "renewed focus on clinical excellence and customer service". Over the last 6 months we have made many significant improvements and added new and vital services to better serve our partner facilities.

Here are just a few:

State of the art ambulance units. While some ambulance providers cut cost by purchasing used out of date ambulances, MedicOne has committed to purchasing a new fleet of ambulances.

   • We've replaced our entire fleet of wheelchair vans with brand new 2009 Mobility Works vans.

   • We utilize the industry's top of the line patient transports stretchers, the Stryker MX-Pro. All
     cots were replaced in January 2009 and are serviced by EMSAR every 6 months.

   • We've added transport ventilators to our paramedic staffed ambulances. By utilizing the Impact
     Eagle 754 transport ventilator we will be able to ensure that a patient's metabolic state is not
    altered during transport by providing inappropriate ventilation by just simply using a bag valve
    mask or a resuscitator style vent.

  • We've purchased a Computer Aided Dispatch and Scheduling System. This will enable us to
    send the closest unit to the call, cutting down response times. It will also enable us to become
    more efficient and accurate on predicting ETA's and non-emergency scheduling.

  • We are one of the first to transition to Paper-less charting utilizing Panasonic Toughbooks with
    Patient Care Reporting using Zoll Rescue Net.

  • We've raised our staff pay to one of the highest in the industry.


We've made it easier for nursing staff to contact us by adding a new easy to remember phone number. 877-DFW-MICU

   We're raising our clinical standards by instituting mandatory annual and recurrent clinical skills
   and customer service training to all employees.

   We've initiated a 100% chart review quality assurance and process improvement program to
   ensure that our care is delivered in an appropriate and consistent manner. Each and every chart
   we complete will be reviewed by our clinical management team.

  All of this and we're just getting started. These high standards of care, together with our
  investments in state-of-the-art technologies have created "A New Era in Frontline Healthcare." We believe our new name, MedicOne Medical Response, reflects the growth and advancements we have made and affirms our commitment to providing the highest level of care to our customers.†

• When calling an ambulance service for an emergency transport, ask them if they are sending a Paramedic unit. If they are not, hang up and call MedicOne Medical Response at 877-DFW-MICU.

• When arranging an interfacility transport, especially one for a high acuity patient, ask the ambulance company if they have Certified Critical Care Paramedics and are trained and equipped to handle ventilators, IV drip medications and expanded level of care. If they are not, hang up and call MedicOne Medical Response at 877-DFW-MICU.

Give us a try and we'll show you how "We're Clinically Focused and Customer Service Driven".

MedicOne Medical Response
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