MedicOne Medical Response is an independent emergency medical transport program, uniquely designed to provide unequaled response and high quality patient care.
Transport Services

Is your current ambulance provider compliant with the rules and regulations of the Texas Department of State Health Services? Click the link below to verify ambulance licensing and disciplinary statuses, or check the licensure status of an ambulance provider.

Texas Department of State Health Services

MedicOne Medical Response provides the highest level of care to our patients and healthcare facilities. Below is a brief description:

Basic Life Support Ambulances (BLS)
Provides non-emergent and emergent transportation services to persons who are stretcher bound or who require emergency intervention. BLS ambulances are staffed with two (2) Emergency Medical Technicians who are licensed by the State of Texas as Emergency Medical Technicians and are able to provide: Airway Management, BVM Ventilation, Oxygen Therapy, CPR, Splinting, Spinal Immobilization, Control of Bleeding, Maintenance of Plain IV Fluids, and rapid transport. BLS units provide Event Medical Stand By services, transportation to and from doctor appointments, renal dialysis and return transport from hospital stays.
  MICU Paramedic Ambulances (MICU)
Staffed with a Paramedic licensed by the State of Texas and an Emergency Medical Technician, MICU ambulances are able to provide: Advanced Airway Management including Endotracheal Intubation and Mechanical Ventilator, Oxygen Therapy, CPR, IV Therapy, Medication Therapy, EKG monitoring and intervention including, Pacing, Synchronized Cardioversion and Defibrillation. MICU ambulances provide emergent and non-emergent transportation services to persons who may require immediate emergency intervention or advanced life support monitoring during transport from one facility to another.
Critical Care Transport
All transports that fall outside of the scope of practice of the traditional Paramedic are termed Critical Care Transport.  Highly trained Critical Care Transport Paramedics, are dispatched along with an advanced life support team to provide care during transport.  Working within the guidelines of Critical Care Transport protocols transport, CCT-Paramedics provide advanced skills to their patients in a variety of transport settings.  Our critical care unit is equipped with the most advanced equipment available for our patients.  In addition to this equipment, each unit is stocked with many medications for use by the CCT-Paramedic in the transport environment.  This allows for the management of a wide variety of disease processes during transport. For more information about MedicOne’s CCT program click on the link to the CCT page.

Critical Care Transport Page
Wheelchair Van Transport Services
Provides non-emergent transportation services to ambulatory and wheelchair bound persons who are alert, oriented or accompanied by family or a facility’s staff member. Transportation services are provided with new model Ford Vans with raised roofs and hydraulic powered factory installed wheelchair lifts, complete with manufacturer restraint systems. Drivers are not permitted to transport clients up or down steps/stairs unless location is outfitted with handicap accessible devices such as ramps. Drivers will respond in a recognizable uniform, are customer service focused and provide services in a professional and courteous manner.
  Event Medical Standby Services
See event medical standby pages or click on the link

Event Medical Standby Page